Wednesday, 20 April 2011

AT&T Samsung Focus, LG Quantum’s ‘NoDo’ Update Available

AT&T Samsung Focus, LG Quantum’s ‘NoDo’ Update

NoDo Update For AT&T Samsung Focus, LG Quantum

If you are holding for the ‘NoDo’ update on your AT&T branded Windows Phone 7 smartphones. You can now download the ‘NoDo’ update for the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum handsets. HTC Surround is still required additional testing by both Microsoft and AT&T" before it gets pushed out. AT&T expects to roll out the NoDo update in mid-May for the HTC Surround handset.
The new ‘NoDo’ update brings the following features:
Copy / Paste Functionality.
CDMA Location Support.
Various Bug Fixes.
Faster Start & Resume For Apps.
Marketplace Search Improvement.
Improved Wi-Fi Performance.
A whole host of Outlook, audio, camera, messaging, and Facebook account sync improvements.
Stability while switching between video and still camera modes.
Better application and game performance.
Along with the above features, with the help of this ‘NoDo’ update, owners of AT&T Focus and Quantum will also get “WISPr” protocol support – Windows Phone to automatically switch over to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots when in range and the other feature is “AT&T Address Book” – which acts as a wireless tool between your own phone and the online address book.
WP7 NoDo Update For AT&T Samsung Focus
Still there is now word on how long this update will take for everyone to get it on their Windows Phone 7 powered handsets. Keep copying and pasting on your WP7 handsets..!

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